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Brody Manning and the SPS Team Set to Take on The Bullring in the Star Nursery Classic "Open Comp"

This weekend, all eyes are on Brody Manning as he gears up with the SPS team to compete in the highly anticipated Annual Star Nursery Classic, also known as "Open Comp," at the legendary Bullring in Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Manning is a prime contender for the top spot in the Jr. Late Model Division, featuring a compelling $1000 payday to win.

Brody Manning Bullring

The Bullring, known for its banked corners is a 3/8 mile test of true grit and skill. Manning's approach to the race will be pivotal, as the competition in the division is renowned for being fierce, with some of the best in the field gunning for the grand prize. Coming off a big win this summer at the "Night Of Fire" his ability to maneuver through high-pressure situations will be crucial in this 60 lap race, where every second counts.

SPS Team's preparation for the "Open Comp" has been nothing short of meticulous. With top-notch engineering support, cutting-edge stock cars, and a crew that's second to none in the pit, Manning is backed by a team that believes in precision, performance, and pushing the boundaries. This symbiotic relationship between driver and team amplifies the potential for extraordinary outcomes on race day.

Brody Manning’s growing fan base and followers can expect an engaging experience at the Star Nursery Classic. Manning and the SPS team value their supporters and understand the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the track. Fans can look forward to behind-the-scenes access on Brody's social media, and some thrilling trackside action.

As the countdown to the weekend begins, the anticipation builds not just for Manning but also for the legions of stock car racing fans. The combination of Manning's driving acumen and the SPS team's expertise makes for a formidable presence at the Star Nursery Classic. It's a racing event that promises high-speed action, strategic brilliance, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

Troy Smith

Two Four Speed

Photo- Troy Smith / Two Four Speed

Brody Manning and the SPS Team Set to Take on The Bullring in the Star Nursery Classic "Open Comp"

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